Angie McAlister
Actor: Britt Robertson — First Appearance: "Pilot"

Angie McAlister is a waitress from Chester's Mill




The FireEdit



Angie is your average girl, trying to get the money to pay for her life. After the dome comes, she becomes more tough but doesn't accept quite a lot of things, including her place with the dome. But gradually, she starts to move on and deal with it.


She has a relationship with Junior Rennie. (Her kidnapper)

Junior Rennie

Angie and Junior appear to be in a long-term sexual relationship before the appearance of the Dome. Junior declares his love for her in the Pilot episode although Angie is resistant resulting in a physical altercation between the two. Junior, however, believes the Dome to be the cause of Angie's apparent shift in behaivor and proceeds to kidnap her and imprison her in his father's bunker believing she will eventually overcome the effects of the Dome and realize her love for him (or "go back to the old Angie"). However, Angie remains resistant, disturbed by Junior's imprisonment of her and tries multiple times to escape both through manipulation of Junior and physical force, although she remains unsuccessful until Big Jim 's discovery of her in Outbreak . Angie's true feelings for Junior remain unclear.

Joe McAlister

Joe is Angie's younger brother who is also stuck in the dome.  However, Joe doesn't start wondering where Angie is until the fourth episode and relieved when Angie shows up after the failed bombing attack in Blue on Blue.




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