Blue on Blue
Season 1, Episode 05
Vital statistics
Air date July 22, 2013
Written by Brian K Vaughan
Directed by Jack Bender
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Outbreak (1.04) The Endless Thirst (1.06)
This is the first season's fifth episode


Despite finding Angie in the shelter, Jim leaves her locked up, unable to believe his son would do such a thing. Meanwhile, the military has scheduled a "visitors' day" for the residents of Chester's Mill, where family members and friends of people trapped in the dome can come and visit their loved ones. During the event, Linda tells her fiancé about his brother's death, Julia's sister-in-law shows her a note from her husband that says he is leaving and to apologize for him, Norrie meets her estranged biological father who her parents had lead her to believe she would never be able to find, and Barbie finds out from a soldier stationed outside the dome that the military plans to attempt to destroy the dome with a missile (MOAB), which will likely kill everyone inside. When Barbie relays this to Big Jim, he orders everyone to take shelter in the tunnels underneath the city. He then releases Angie from her captivity, but when Junior finds out, he sets off after her while everyone else takes shelter in the tunnels. As most of the town prepares for the inevitable in the tunnels, Joe and Norrie search for Angie, Junior finds Angie at her house and they spend what they believe will be their last moments together, and Barbie and Julia search for Norrie at the request of her parents. As the missile approaches, Norrie and Joe share a kiss. The missile impacts the dome, laying waste to everything outside of it but leaving the town unscathed. Norrie and Joe find that they no longer have seizures when they touch. As Big Jim investigates the edge of the dome, he is approached by Reverend Coggins, who earlier gave him an ultimatum to admit his part in a drug scandal to the town. Jim kills Coggins by pushing his head into the dome, causing his hearing aid to explode.


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