Joe McAlister
Actor: Colin Ford — First Appearance: "Pilot"

Joe McAlister is one of the main characters on CBC's Under the Dome and brother to Angie McAlister.


Joe is the brother of Angie McAlister, however his parents remain trapped outside the Dome thus leaving him alone in his house. He was saved from the falling debris of a plane crash by Dale Barbara soon after the appearance of the Dome in the Pilot episode. He suffers from the same seizures as Norrie, an apparent result of the Dome.



The FireEdit



Joe appears to be your average teen boy. But is more geeky, he is also very smart. He can be a "Half-Glass Full" guy at times, he has known to be pretty sarcastic at times too. And is curious and willing to help.

Physical Appearance Edit

Joe is an attractive teenage boy, standing at about 5'10. He has either very dark blonde hair or light brown, very likely a mix. He also has bright blue eyes with a sort of pale-ish skin. A casual attire sports him, he wears t-shirts that either sport a band or a symbol on it, hoodies, somewhat baggy jeans, sneakers and jean jackets.




Norrie Calvert-Hill

Joe and Norrie appear to share an, as yet, unexplained connection linked to the Dome that results in them experiencing seizures when they touch. Aside from this, there appears to be suggestions of a romantic relationship developing between them and they seem to share similar interests (for example X-Men in Outbreak and Star Wars) , although they currently remain just friends. As of Outbreak Norrie and her parents now live with Joe in his parents' house. 

Angie McAlister

Angie is Joe's sister, although there has been little interaction between the two since the Dome appeared (largely due to her incarceration by Junior). Despite this it is assumed that they do not have a close relationship as Joe only questions Junior about her absence in Outbreak and she appears to live separately from the family home. But it is shown they do care about each other, so it's the normal Cliché brother-sister relationship.




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