Linda Esquivel
Actor: Natalie Martinez — First Appearance: "Pilot"

Linda Esquivel was a deputy at Chester's Mill at the start of the series.  She is believed to be the only remaining police officer still alive (as of season 1 episode 4) that were also on the police force before the dome was revealed to the inhabitants of the town and the world.  It is uncertain if she has a house/home due to her seemingly sleeping in one of the cells in episode 3 - The Manhunt.  She could have lived outside of the dome boundaries and is cut off from it, but still inside the city limits (unknown if all police officers have to reside in the city of employment.)




The FireEdit



With Deputy Freddy killed by rogue former deputy Paul and Sheriff Duke killed by the dome, Lead Deputy Esquivel was fooled by rogue Paul into letting him out and trapping her inside his cell.  Thankfully, Councilman (now Mayor, via martial law) Big Jim Rennie finds her and Big Jim enlists special operatives (two local men) and Barbie to go on a manhunt for rogue former deputy Paul.  Linda is able to kill Paul when Paul was trying to demand Barbie and Big Jim to put down their own guns.  Councilman/Mayor Jim Rennie appoints Linda as the new sheriff (mainly due to her being the only pre-dome police officer still alive and inside the dome).  Jim Rennie stated that they will have to get her some deputies.


She failed ill during the meiningitis outbreak in the town and seen that Junior Rennie was keeping the clinic hostage, but must have knew that he was acting under orders from the councilman/town mayor general Jim Rennie.  She, being the acting sheriff (appointed by Jim Rennie in episode 3) mistakenly deputizes Junior Rennie, because she doesn't know that Junior is actively commiting two crimes (kidnapping and false imprisonment) without any true lawful reasons (either civil/peacetime or martial law reason) for those crimes.

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Rusty DentonEdit

Rusty is Linda's boyfriend to be engaged. They clearly show a love for one another throughout the series. As they were separated on each side of the dome, they seemed to be worried about each other. After Paul Randolph killed Rusty's brother, Freddy Denton, Linda had a hard time telling Rusty and sought help from Julia when the Army allowed for relatives of those in the Dome to visit from the outside to tell Rusty, albeit unwillingly.




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