Season 1, Episode 03
Vital statistics
Air date July 8, 2013
Written by Adam Stein
Directed by Paul Edwards
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The Fire (1.02) Outbreak (1.04)
This is the first season's third episode


-from wikipedia

Deputy Paul Randolph (Kevin Sizemore), who accidentally killed Deputy Freddy (Joe Knezevich), escapes his jail cell and locks Linda inside, Big Jim organizes a search party to find Paul by recruiting other townsmen and a reluctant Barbie, while Linda resolves to find Paul on her own. In the woods, Paul sneaks up on Barbie and Big Jim to hold them at gunpoint and Linda shows up and shoots Paul, prompting Big Jim to designate her as the new Sheriff. Julia tails Junior into the tunnels under the cement plant, where he is looking to find a way out, he hits the barrier of the dome and his flashlight explodes. Julia then uses her matches to guide them out to safety. Meanwhile, Joe and Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz) find themselves in the middle of a party as Ben invites all of the teenagers in town to charge their electronics using Joe’s generator. The party ends when the generator blows, and Carolyn and Alice find Norrie and see her and Joe touch hands and start having simultaneous seizures, repeating the same cryptic phrase, "Pink stars are falling."


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