Speak of the Devil
Season 1, Episode 11
Vital statistics
Air date September 2, 2013
Written by Scott Gold
Directed by David M. Barrett
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Let the Games Begin (1.10) Exigent Circumstances (1.12)
This is the first season's eleventh episode


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  • Big Jim announces a state of emergency, in essence Big Jim's Persecution Announcement, due to Dale "Barbie" Barbara being the suspect in numerous crimes, turning his character from an anti-hero to the main villain for the next few episodes. However, since we know most of the crimes Barbie has been "charged" with have been committed by another perpretrator. 
  • Below is a list of crimes that Big Jim has falsely officially charged Barbie for.
    • Murder of Maxine Seagrave and her associate (actually both were shot by Big Jim and he falsely told Linda that Barbie killed them)
    • Attempted Murder of Julia Shumway (actually shot by Maxine, with her being saved by Barbie)
    • Attempted Murder of Big Jim (true, however Barbie was acting in accordance to police standards and trying to apprehend/eliminate the possibility of the dictatorship that Big Jim wants to instill into the town.)
    • Murder of Maxine's mother, Agatha (killed by Big Jim, when he was transported from the Island back to Chester's Mill with a tied up Agatha.  Agatha was thrown into the water, potentially intentional on Big Jim's part, and allowed her to drown).
  • See the section titled Crimes in Under the Dome (TV series)