The Endless Thirst
Season 1, Episode 06
Vital statistics
Air date July 29, 2013
Written by Soo Hugh
Directed by Kari Skogland
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Blue on Blue (1.05) Imperfect Circles (1.07)
This is the first season's sixth episode


-from wikipedia

After the town’s water tower is inadvertently destroyed and the lake is found to be polluted, Barbie helps Linda stop the looting that breaks out in response to the waning resources. Angie tells Rose about her captivity by Junior and asks for her help, but they are accosted by the Dundee boys who loot the diner, killing Rose and knocking Angie unconscious in the process. Barbie intervenes to rescue Angie and a miraculous rainstorm occurs and ends the chaos. Following his trade with Ollie Densmore for the town’s use of Ollie’s well in exchange for propane, Big Jim gives Angie the offer to protect her and Joe as long as she keeps her imprisonment by Junior a secret. After Julia and Dodee speculate that the source of the radio signal jam could be the answer to the dome’s origin, Dodee fashions a triangulation device that leads them to Joe and Norrie, who are on a search to find insulin to save Alice. The teenagers shock Julia and Dodee when they show them the video of their simultaneous seizure and end the signal jam by touching the dome together.


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